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Alabama Poker - What's the deal?

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Alabama Poker Scene

Poker is sweeping the nation. Texas Hold’em poker tournaments are cropping up all across the country and Alabama is no different. Spurred on by the enormous popularity of celebrity poker tournaments on television, poker has moved out of the back room and casinos and into the home. A simple revue of the television schedule will reveal a number of poker events being broadcast, from celebrity Texas hold’em, to high stakes poker tourneys, the popularity of poker just seems to be going up and up. The sports channels are filled with them to the point where they rival NASCAR events! It doesn’t seem to be letting up either. In almost every city there are poker events to attend or participate in and Alabama is no different in this regard. The state has its share of poker tourneys too, all you have to do is check the local papers and you are sure to find some bar, pub or restaurant holding an event. And with a more than a couple of casinos in Alabama, there is always a place where you can enjoy a good game of Texas Hold’em.

Alabama Leagues & Poker Clubs

There are a few leagues and clubs scattered around the state of Alabama. For instance, you will find a the local poker tournaments put on by ALL IN Alabama to be a great way to meet other locals playing poker and hold'em.

Casino Poker Rooms

There are a few gambling establishments in Alabama, mostly in the Indian community. All the normal gambling activities can be found in these and most will offer Poker rooms or Poker Tourneys. Texas Hold’em features heavily in these.

Home Poker Game Scene

With the lack of poker clubs or stand alone poker rooms in Alabama, Texas Hold’em tourneys and poker tournaments are most likely to be found in private residences. All across the state people are getting together to play poker at home with their friends. Where once poker night was merely a guy’s night out, poker tourneys are now this decade’s Trivial Pursuit! Poker is out of the closet and backroom and has now become a social event. On any given Friday or Saturday there are any number of Texas holdem tourneys going on. It is important to note that gambling in Alabama is illegal and playing for money of course is also considered outside the law, so the casual player is cautioned that playing for stakes is a risky venture. Play your friends for chips or some other non-monetary counters in order to stay within the law and you should have no problem.

Charity Poker

Prompted by the new-found popularity of poker, charity organizations are now capitalizing on the large draw of Texas Hold’em tournaments and holding their own poker tourneys to bring in the crowds. For a fee, anyone can now join in and enter a tournament and feel good knowing that the proceeds are going to a good cause. Now Alabama’s strict gambling laws put a damper on this somewhat, but charity events can still be found if you take the time to look for them. Most notably, there are poker runs organized by the many biker organizations in the state.

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